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  • Leading provider of End to End OTM services
  • Specialists in Supply Chain and Logistic Software Development & Implementation
  • Over 8 years of OTM Experience providing innovative solutions for over 35 OTM Clients Globally working directly with G-Log / Oracle and / or Channel Partners
  • Our team consists of highly skilled personnel with an in-depth OTM expertise and logistics background
  • Deliver high quality / low cost solutions & Support reliably and rapidly – OTM Well Done – Now!
  • 24 x 7 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd level OTM Support
  • Provide End to End Solution (Architecture, Installation, Design, Functional, Technical, Integration, Support, Tuning)
  • Prescriptive Process for Performance Acceleration
  • Provide Solutions for OTM Challenges through KSAP’s Logistics Framework, Add-Ons / Plug-Ins
  • 100% Customer Service and Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Successful Onsite / Offshore / Offsite Model
  • Oracle´s Gold Global Partner

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  • KSAP Unique Solutions for OTM Challenges
  • KSAP OTM add-ons / plug-ins
  • KSAP framework for OTM
  • KSAP OTM Performance Accelerator
  • Low OTM Implementation / Maintenance Cost
  • OTM 1st level support
  • KSAP Global operations
  • End to end solution by one team
  • KSAP Strong OTM Resources
  • Skill Set


In KSAP we have designed OTM applications with outstanding advantages such as add value and innovation to your existing environment and customizable to client´s specification, same look and feel as OTM:

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Customer QuotesCustomer Quotes

William Hie
Application Engineer , Toyota Motor Sales

KSAP played a key role in upgrading our large and challenging OTM implementation from 5.5 to 6.2 successfully and on time, providing us Scalable, high volume integration throughput and Bulk Planning Performance meeting our....more ›

Bertha Duckett
Global ICT Manager, AJC International

End-to-End OTM Solution – included Integration with our Legacy Oracle based Order and Financial Systems – Seamless flow carried out by KSAP team – Robust Solution provided as a one stop shop....more ›

Sarah Kader
IT Manager , Valspar Paint

KSAP helped us out post go live by resolving several integration issues with EBS. They were able to pick up on issues and resolve it in a timely fashion. They also assisted us with the roll out....more ›

Francisco Moreno
Operations Director, Silodisa

KSAP improved our OTM planning optimization results to efficiently utilize 7 cross docks and improve on-time deliveries to our 800 destinations in a challenging 365x24x7 operations.....more ›

Alejandro Lopez Rama
BS Operations Manager , Spanic South America IT Hub Groupe Danone

KSAP successfully helped us complete a detailed due diligence and assessment of our current OTM configuration and proposed innovative "Best Practices" solutions so as to reduce issues and create....more ›